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Making a claim

The Motor Guarantee Fund pays compensations due to accidents occurred in mainland Portugal, Azores and Madeira islands, caused by uninsured vehicles normally based in Portugal or in countries without National Insurance Service or belonging to a third country which national insurer's bureau have not joined the Green Card System, up to the minimum amount covered by the MTPL insurance, when causing:

- Bodily injuries and the responsible is uninsured or cannot be traced or when the vehicle’s insurer is declared insolvent.

- Material Damages and the responsible is uninsured.

- Material Damages caused by an accident with an unidentified vehicle in consequence of which, the motor guarantee fund had paid compensations for severe bodily injuries.
- Material Damages caused by an uninsured vehicle having been abandoned at the accident site when the police authorities confirmed its presence.

As Compensation Body, the Portuguese motor guarantee fund pays compensations to injured parties in respect of any loss or injury resulting from accidents occurring in a Member State other than the Member State of residence of the injured party which are caused by the use of vehicles insured and normally based in a Member State or, when it is not possible to identify the vehicle or its insurance undertaking.

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