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In order to provide greater protection to victims of a road traffic accident in the territory of another Member State or in countries whose national insurer’s bureau have joined the green card system, Directive n.º 2000/26/EC requires the appointment of claims representatives and the establishment of an Information Centre in all European Union States.

Information Centres are responsible for providing information about the vehicle’s insurance undertaking, as well as the claims representative designated in the State of residence of the injured party.

In its capacity of Information Centre, the Portuguese Motor Guarantee Fund provides injured parties with information concerning the name and address of the insurance undertaking, the Claims Representatives as well as the name and address of the owner, usual driver or registered keeper of the vehicle if the injured party has a legitimate interest in obtaining this information.

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Name: Centro de Informação Português
Address: Av. da República, 59 1050-189 LISBOA
Telephone: 217 983 980 Fax: 217 954 189
Email: Website:

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