Risk Analysis on the Insurance and Pension Funds Sector - August 2019


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The twelfth edition of ASF's Insurance and Pension Funds Risk Analysis identifies and assesses, in a critical and forward-looking manner, the main risks and challenges facing the sector from a macro-prudential perspective, taking into account the current macroeconomic and geopolitical contexts..

Análise Risk Analysis on the Insurance and Pension Funds Sector (twelfth edition)

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2018- 11th edition

2018 - 10th edition (1,96 MB)

2017 - 9th edition (1,16 MB)

2016 - 8th edition (612)KB)

2016 - 7th edition (13,9 MB)

2015 - 2nd half (1721 KB)

2015 - 1st half (1018 KB)

2014 (693 KB)

2013 - 2nd half (630 KB)

2013 - 1st half (1 039 KB)

2012 (403 KB)

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