MGF/Presentation of MGF/Compensations
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FGA provides compensation, up to the minimum of the motor third-party liability insurance cover, for accidents causing:

- bodily injuries, when the responsible cannot be traced or is uninsured and when the insurance undertaking is declared insolvent.

- material damages, when the responsible is known but uninsured.

- material damages, when the motor guarantee fund should pay a compensation for severe bodily injuries even if the responsible cannot be traced  or when the uninsured vehicle was left at the scene of accident and the police authority confirmed its presence.

For the compensations calculation, the motor guarantee fund uses as reference the current criterions and values stated by the Ordinance No. 377/2008, of 26th May and Ordinance No. 679/2009, of  2nd June.


The Portuguese motor guarantee fund pays compensations but requires reimbursement from those who didn’t comply with the obligation of having the MTPL insurance. So, it is very important to keep valid your MTPL insurance.


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