Which documents are required to open a Motor Guarantee Fund claim?


In order to open a claim, the following documents should be presented:

A. Accident report (original document if it exists).
B. Copy of the vehicle owner / driver identity document.
C. Copy of the driving license of the vehicle's driver ü
D. Copy of the tax card ü
E. Copy of the registration vehicle document ü
F. Copy of the insurance certificate (green card or other legally admitted) ü
G. Copy of a document describing the risks covered by the MTPL Insurance policy ü
H. Copy of the expertise report (when available and in case the expertise has already been made)

NOTE: The documents marked with ü are mandatory.
If the accident was registered by the police, the Motor Guarantee Fund will ask for the report but the victim should indicate the police station and, if possible, the report's number.

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