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Category Change
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Previous Registration NumberNew Registration NumberNameRegistration DateNew CategoryStatus
1382039107186036ABDIEL GOMES MEIRINHO20-09-2007Tied Insurance Intermediary 1Annulment
1315450107249009ABEL AMARAL MARTINS06-12-2007Tied Insurance Intermediary 1Active
1018026107214703Abel Francisco de Oliveira Pereira12-10-2007Tied Insurance Intermediary 1Active
1072196107179231ABEL MARQUES GAIO13-09-2007Tied Insurance Intermediary 1Annulment
1919115107214068ABEL MOREIRA ALVES11-10-2007Tied Insurance Intermediary 1Active
1146212107208987Abel Oliveira Moreira09-10-2007Tied Insurance Intermediary 1Annulment
9252431107199638Abel Pereira da Rua Capela28-09-2007Tied Insurance Intermediary 1Annulment
107048506314400832ABEL RICARDO AZEVEDO SILVA27-01-2014Insurance Agent Suspension
1940977107198264Abelamio Alberto Pinheiro M Silva28-09-2007Tied Insurance Intermediary 1Annulment
1877031107226149ABILIA COELHO SANTOS PAULA SANTOS22-10-2007Tied Insurance Intermediary 1Annulment


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