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Report on Regulation and Supervision of Market Conduct
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The Instituto de Seguros de Portugal published the Report on Regulation and Supervision of Market Conduct (RRSCM) 2009

Introductory Note

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 – Regulatory Activity

Chapter 2 - Understanding in Respect of Market Conduct

Chapter 3 – Market Conduct Supervision Activity

Chapter 4 – Enforcement

Chapter 5 - Analysis of Evolution of Claims

Chapter 6 – Monitoring and Oversight of Advertising

Chapter 7 – Relationship with Insurance and Pension Funds Consumer

Chapter 8 - Study A – Prudential and Market Conduct Supervision on integrated risk context

Chapter 8- Study B – Analysis, development and evaluation of information regarding to a release system of PPR fees and returns made in the form of life insurance contract not linked to investment funds

RRSCM 2009 - See full text here


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