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Risk Analysis on the Insurance and Pension Funds Sector - May 2017
The ASF publishes the eighth edition of the Risk Analysis on the Insurance and Pension Funds Sector report, which addresses the main challenges and risks facing the sector, from a macroprudential perspective, at both national and international levels.

This edition also includes a series of studies on the analysis of the criteria used by insurance companies under ASF supervision for the recognition of impairments in variable income securities, on the presentation of national results on the stress test conducted by EIOPA on the European insurance sector, and on the implementation of the key functions established by the new solvency regime.

Risk Analysis on the Insurance and Pension Funds Sector (8th edition)


CNSF Annual General Meeting with PNFF Monitoring Committee

The CNSF (National Council of Financial Supervisors) held the Annual General Meeting with the entities participating in the Monitoring Committee of the National Plan for Financial Education (PNFF).

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